Juliet Buesing & Trio EP now available!

albumcoverrealJuliet is thrilled to announce the January 2016 release of her EP, a collection of some of her favorite covers as arranged and performed by some of her favorite guys (Matt, Aaron, and Will!), with cover art by the fabulous Tu Anh Dinh of New York and Boston. Visit the LISTEN page to hear a few clips.

You can find the album on iTunes, Amazon, and all other major outlets! Please purchase, review, and share widely if you like it!

You can visit the album page on iTunes by clicking here.

Published by RedeemtheThought

I am a 26 year-old teacher, writer, reader, traveler, and friend. My idea of a perfect date is a road trip with someone who will read crossword puzzle clues to me while I drive. I find most skiing uncomfortably cold. I'm not sure if I believe in God. I like brussels sprouts and chocolate chip cookies. I sometimes sing.

2 thoughts on “Juliet Buesing & Trio EP now available!

  1. Juliet-

    Thanks so much for thinking of me. I am happy to hear you are doing the work you love. I wish you success with your music…much love-Mrs. H.


  2. Hi Juliet…so beautiful..love the clips I could here. The links to iTunes didn’t work for me- maybe because we are in Switzerland but it was offering the American store.


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