Juliet Buesing grew up in Tampa, FL, where she sang in the choir both at church and school and took piano, guitar, and voice lessons. She grew up surrounded by music– whether it was her mom singing her to sleep each night or her dad playing broadway tunes on the living room piano.

In college, Juliet sang in the Yale Gospel Choir, the Yale Glee Club, and an a cappella group called the New Blue. She also managed the Morse College Recording studio and worked as both back-up singer, guitarist, producer, and manager for local artist, Tina Colón. She wrote music and served as a band leader for a local church, the Elm City Vineyard for several years. She graduated from Yale University with her B.A. in Music in 2011.

In 2012, Juliet moved to get her Masters in Education and become an English teacher in the Boston Public Schools. In her spare time– particularly on snow days–, she began studying jazz theory and learning how to both play and sing the standards.

In January 2016, Juliet released her first EP, Juliet Buesing & Trio, with the guys below:

Matt Edwards (bass, arranging):

Will Faust (guitar, production):

Aaron Robertson (drums):

In June 2017, Juliet moved to Charlottesville, VA to pursue an M.P.P.-J.D. at the University of Virginia. She now plays with these wonderful fellows:

Nick Maglione (drums)

Andre La Velle (bass)

Daniel McCarthy (guitar)

Bosse Haywood Giles (special guest, sax).

In 2019, the group officially changed its name to the Juliet Buesing Quartet.

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